Sunday, 27 July 2014

Robert Ridley-Shackleton / Team Phosphenes / Zebra Mu - Dust Lust (Single Sided C90 cassette) £4

Two of my best buds in the funky underground scene return for a split compilation of sorts.

I requested that computers weren't used in the process of creating the release. Instead of been sent a digital file to put to tape all artists created their tunes on tape all nicely dubbed. Its been a real thrill doing this the old fashioned way.

The tape kick starts with me (robert) making a vocal slurry that nearly rips through the tape clipping and juddering from intense volumes.

Team Phosphenes aka The Blue Spectrum has no name in this tape he simply is the piece. His efforts are more atmospheric and sombre, a drone of mashed and woven layers of almost harmonizing noise, The volume is quiet so you can really hear the tape working during its length.

then last but not least comes Zebra Mu. A more tonal but certainly not shy of being harsh, loud and abrasive goes back to the first track of nearly destroying ure kit but in a good way of course.

 The tapes are presented as a single sided C90 tape with approx 30 minutes of noise.

Limited to 12 Copies