Friday, 16 May 2014

Velfaerd / Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Wind Damage (Mini Cdr) £4

Velfaerd kicks off things with a wave like din, that drifts in and out of your living arrangements, Its a wall but not like before. This young chap is one of my favourite noise artists that I have come across in my pursuit of finding harsh noise walls that make my senses go wild. The walls are not aggressive they create an electronic atmosphere that reminds me of being inside an old shed in the harsh winds, the air whistling through the cracks in the wood, and makes you feel as cold as ice. the walls create tension without the use of being "heavy" which is the usual go to motive of alot of wallers. My track as Robert is real damaged audio. Sounds like the mini cdr is getting broken and sparks are whirling around your hifi then the sound seems looped. A wall yes, but this wall can hardly keep standing. 

Limited to 12 copies. Colour artwork.