Monday, 21 October 2013

SURGE a joint book by myself and artist David Barton. £3.50

My first book!!! It contains drawings by myself and artist David Barton. 29 pages. Limited to 200 copies. 

New releases for October 2013

The tape you see in the center is an electronic mess glitch HNW tape single sided on recycled tapes with handmade artwork limited to 4 copies and is £4 direct from hissing frames

The CDr above that in the picture is a split with David K Frampton of true outsider pop jewels. Limited to 40 copies. £4

The CDr below is a release on the label Unverified Records, very textured drone with spits of other worlds on the listening. Limited to 50 copies. £4

other new releases from other labels:

album on cassette of lofi shack dities from the label Ghetto Naturalist: