Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Music News 10th of Sept 2013

Out now from hissing frames for september:

Don't Torture Me (CDr) £4 - Gutter shit shit shitter electronics recorded live from a tiny poopy amp. Love uuuuuuu mwah kisses and hugs (recorded in my Grannys House, limited to 20 copies)

The Playground (CDr) £4 - Wastefull hussy electronics, each song is a little different from the next one, but all groovy to the highest funky degree. get it (limited to 20 copies)

artwork for both of these CDr's is by Veronica Cordova De La Rosa

hot off the press: Blue Spectrum Tapes art zine with Cdr. One of my tracks is featured on the cd. Get it here: http://itsbeautifulincolorado.blogspot.co.uk/

Coming soon:

New album on the wonderful Ghetto Naturalist Series plus lots more to come