Thursday, 8 August 2013

Paul Ballance / Robert Ridley-Shackleton - New Mop (CDr) £4

As soon as folk from the US of A started to hear my music I was often compared to the fine fellow who accompanies me on this split. Paul Ballance aka Baronic Wall aka Jack Gilbert has been making his own brand of sci-fi synth pop of dystopian futures for a long time and although often my music changes from complete noise to reggae to raga to power pop everyday of the week, this happens to be a style of music that I have greatly persued aswell. Pauls music is slightly different from his more famous role as baronic wall as there is much more 'raw power' rather than highly 'composed' songs. In Pauls side of the split we hear poetic, surreal landscapes put on a plate in a stern manor, but then has pauses to check if the mail man has delivered pauls latest package. There is sense that Paul has a burning issue today, but its probably hidden somewhere in this demented electo-organic buzz.

My side of the split is from a live performance in Oxford where the musicality has simply become a quick two notes splatted into the audience on a beastly synth whilst stories and fables of true wasteland minds are shouted at a divided audience. Some people laughed, some people left, but everyone didn't understand me.

Limtied to 20 copies with insert.