Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rescent Editons of Music

Rescent Spring Limtied Editions from Hissing Frames

'Melting all My Videos into Toxic Waste'. Cassette C15. Limited to 10 copies. Comes with 8 page mini zine and insert inside a polly bag. £4 SOLD OUT

The following are C15 Cassettes limited between 4 to 8 copies in a polly bag with insert: 'The Peaking Hills', 'Gimme A Hand', 'The Hot Seat'. All sold out from the source.

'Come On' Mini Cdr. limited to 12 copies. £3 SOLD OUT

'Stud' Cdr. Limited to 10 copies. £3 SOLD OUT

'The Sad Lake Land' Mini Cdr. Limited to 30 copies. £3

Limited Editon Albums by other Record labels:

'E.Jack' C30 Cassette. Limited to 50 copies from Faux Pas Recordings. Get it here:

'The Butterfly Farm' C30 Cassette. Limited to 31 copies from Beartown Records. Get it here:

'Splat Fever Soul' Cdr. Limited to 50 copies from Inyrdisk. Get it here:

'A Small Eclipse at the End of My finger' Cdr. Limited to 20 copies. Get it here:

'The Lost Quivers' Mini Cdr. Limited to ???. Get it here:

'Super Goaty Mix Tape' C90 cassette compilation. Limited to ??? Get it here: