Sunday, 10 February 2013

Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Space Between The Slits (16 page A5 size zine) £4

Mostly abstract work. Limited to 25 copies. Black and white

Son of Salami / Robert Ridley-Shackleton - The O.J. Letters (C40) SOLD OUT

A Real rip roarer. Everyones favourite Eraser headless Pop wizard Joey Pizza Slice aka Son of Salami comes with a new slice of sounds you have never heard before from the King. Well crafted pop is exchanged for scummy noise with that eraser headless cassette recorder syndrome that we all have fever from. But what makes it extra special is the bursts of letters from lovers and haters of OJ and his special case. Truley Unique to the noise world.

Roberts side of this tape is a similar affair. Noises that need oven cleaner interspersed with Robert's stupid uneducated conversations with OJ. For true fans of shit-fi meeting comedy, realy heartfelt.

come grab one of these bad boys before Joey takes over the universe. Limited to just 20 copies.

hear joey's muzak here:

hear robert's shadazz here: