Friday, 20 December 2013

Newish Music for the end of 2013

Wall Test for Audio Device 1 (£3 Mini Cdr)

Wall of Buzzing digital noise to test speakers of PC's and Hi-fi's (limited to 12 copies)

The Wind Around The Structure (£4 C30 Cassette)

I play radio and telephone through a reverb and then played through a small crap speaker. On side B I get a bit giddy and play some old rehearsal tapes on the ghetto blaster and sing along (limited to 10 copies)

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Blue Spectrum / Zebra Mu / David K Frampton / Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Heavy Kisses (Comp) (CDr) £4

Behold the first hissing frames compilation. Included are 4 artists listed below.

The Blue Spectrum (heres a listen here):

Zebra Mu (heres a listen here):

David K Frampton:

and me robert:

Lots of whiring weirding extra special noises with gorilla pop assaults too.

Monday, 21 October 2013

SURGE a joint book by myself and artist David Barton. £3.50

My first book!!! It contains drawings by myself and artist David Barton. 29 pages. Limited to 200 copies. 

New releases for October 2013

The tape you see in the center is an electronic mess glitch HNW tape single sided on recycled tapes with handmade artwork limited to 4 copies and is £4 direct from hissing frames

The CDr above that in the picture is a split with David K Frampton of true outsider pop jewels. Limited to 40 copies. £4

The CDr below is a release on the label Unverified Records, very textured drone with spits of other worlds on the listening. Limited to 50 copies. £4

other new releases from other labels:

album on cassette of lofi shack dities from the label Ghetto Naturalist:

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Music News 10th of Sept 2013

Out now from hissing frames for september:

Don't Torture Me (CDr) £4 - Gutter shit shit shitter electronics recorded live from a tiny poopy amp. Love uuuuuuu mwah kisses and hugs (recorded in my Grannys House, limited to 20 copies)

The Playground (CDr) £4 - Wastefull hussy electronics, each song is a little different from the next one, but all groovy to the highest funky degree. get it (limited to 20 copies)

artwork for both of these CDr's is by Veronica Cordova De La Rosa

hot off the press: Blue Spectrum Tapes art zine with Cdr. One of my tracks is featured on the cd. Get it here:

Coming soon:

New album on the wonderful Ghetto Naturalist Series plus lots more to come

Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Do It All Night (A5 sized zine) £4

A selection of 18 images of worlds foreign to us but that look like they have been made by 'stuff' we would normaly dispose of. Each work is made up of collage / assemblage and my usual gestural mark making. The zine is printed in risograph and is limited to 100 copies.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Paul Ballance / Robert Ridley-Shackleton - New Mop (CDr) £4

As soon as folk from the US of A started to hear my music I was often compared to the fine fellow who accompanies me on this split. Paul Ballance aka Baronic Wall aka Jack Gilbert has been making his own brand of sci-fi synth pop of dystopian futures for a long time and although often my music changes from complete noise to reggae to raga to power pop everyday of the week, this happens to be a style of music that I have greatly persued aswell. Pauls music is slightly different from his more famous role as baronic wall as there is much more 'raw power' rather than highly 'composed' songs. In Pauls side of the split we hear poetic, surreal landscapes put on a plate in a stern manor, but then has pauses to check if the mail man has delivered pauls latest package. There is sense that Paul has a burning issue today, but its probably hidden somewhere in this demented electo-organic buzz.

My side of the split is from a live performance in Oxford where the musicality has simply become a quick two notes splatted into the audience on a beastly synth whilst stories and fables of true wasteland minds are shouted at a divided audience. Some people laughed, some people left, but everyone didn't understand me.

Limtied to 20 copies with insert.

Monday, 24 June 2013

No More Twilight (Zine)

New A5 sized zine, 12 pages, black and white, paintings, drawings and photocopying experiments. Limited to 50 copies.

Robert Ridley-Shackleton / Kapali Carsi - Bananas Hop, Bananas Run (CDr) £4

When these two artists get together you can be sure it will be on the edge of all that is holy and good: pointless, throw away, junk sounds. But that is being a bit too harsh as both artists have a real ear for finding good textural atmoshperes. Where as Kapali Carsi's songs are more spacial, Rob is full and dense. Cdr comes with A4 fold out photocopy, a story by Kevin and a photo of an evil cat. Limited to 22 copies.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rescent Editons of Music

Rescent Spring Limtied Editions from Hissing Frames

'Melting all My Videos into Toxic Waste'. Cassette C15. Limited to 10 copies. Comes with 8 page mini zine and insert inside a polly bag. £4 SOLD OUT

The following are C15 Cassettes limited between 4 to 8 copies in a polly bag with insert: 'The Peaking Hills', 'Gimme A Hand', 'The Hot Seat'. All sold out from the source.

'Come On' Mini Cdr. limited to 12 copies. £3 SOLD OUT

'Stud' Cdr. Limited to 10 copies. £3 SOLD OUT

'The Sad Lake Land' Mini Cdr. Limited to 30 copies. £3

Limited Editon Albums by other Record labels:

'E.Jack' C30 Cassette. Limited to 50 copies from Faux Pas Recordings. Get it here:

'The Butterfly Farm' C30 Cassette. Limited to 31 copies from Beartown Records. Get it here:

'Splat Fever Soul' Cdr. Limited to 50 copies from Inyrdisk. Get it here:

'A Small Eclipse at the End of My finger' Cdr. Limited to 20 copies. Get it here:

'The Lost Quivers' Mini Cdr. Limited to ???. Get it here:

'Super Goaty Mix Tape' C90 cassette compilation. Limited to ??? Get it here:


I have many new zines and photocopies for sale or trade. Get in touch if you want to get your hands on some. The latest zines are around £1-2 and come with lots of bonus mini zines and photocopies. Ive been working alot with collaging and photocopying experiments as well as scribbled forms and paint

postage is usualy just a pound. Ships worldwide

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Wild Goose (C15 Tape) £4

Who ever told Robert he was a good artist needs to kill themselves. Pointless ramblins about surreal landscapes that mean everything and nothing all at once. equiped with buzzing and rumblings from all sorts of radio stations. Limited to 5 copies handrawn covers (badly cut out)

You just got to love this dick head :)))))))) xxxx

Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Piano Sonatas for Prepared Oven Mitt (Mini 3" Cdr) £3

Realy bad piano Sonatas that would make Beethoven and Cage cry. Made on a toy keyboard that didn't have an output with an oven mitt dangling above the performer. Theres alot of other garbage between the Sonatas. Handmade junk art covers. Limited to 12 copies.

Robert Ridley-Shackleton / Lee Riley - Split CDr £4

Ladies and gentlemen 2 very extremely famous artists have brought you this cd. Firstly we have Robert who presents a live recording from valentines day. Expect golden labrador impressions. And attempts to beat a robber out of his pocket.

Lee on the other hand presents something more subtle but still just as powerfull. Experimental Guitar shaping that drifts in and out of our consciousness and stays in our system for a long time.

Limited to 20 copies xxx

Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Guess Who's In Charge Now (A5 zine) £4 SOLD OUT

A selection of 16 drawings and paintings. Realy limited edition

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Robert Ridley-Shackleton - Space Between The Slits (16 page A5 size zine) £4

Mostly abstract work. Limited to 25 copies. Black and white

Son of Salami / Robert Ridley-Shackleton - The O.J. Letters (C40) SOLD OUT

A Real rip roarer. Everyones favourite Eraser headless Pop wizard Joey Pizza Slice aka Son of Salami comes with a new slice of sounds you have never heard before from the King. Well crafted pop is exchanged for scummy noise with that eraser headless cassette recorder syndrome that we all have fever from. But what makes it extra special is the bursts of letters from lovers and haters of OJ and his special case. Truley Unique to the noise world.

Roberts side of this tape is a similar affair. Noises that need oven cleaner interspersed with Robert's stupid uneducated conversations with OJ. For true fans of shit-fi meeting comedy, realy heartfelt.

come grab one of these bad boys before Joey takes over the universe. Limited to just 20 copies.

hear joey's muzak here:

hear robert's shadazz here:

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

More Lo-fi Mini Zines SOLD OUT

More 8 page mini zines made with lo-fi experimental photocopying. Im never sure how much to price these at so you can name the price.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Newton / Robert Ridley-Shackleton – That Friday Feeling (Split C30) £4

Presented to you in glorious stereo, Breathmint chairman ‘Newton’ gives us 15 minutes of tape samples and electronic bizarre coming at you in shouts in rotation around your ear holes, Leaves you thinking “what sound could possibly come next”. Robert’s side is total non-stop nonsense, moments of poor man’s pop comes ripping through compositions of synth detritus junk noise. Limited to 20 copies.